Alberta Responsible Energy Policy System (AREPS)

The Alberta Responsible Energy Policy System is a policy search tool for Alberta government documents related to upstream oil, gas, oil sands and coal. This easy to use search engine provides access to legislation, regulations, rules, strategies, plans, directives, information letters and manuals used by the Alberta government and the Alberta Energy Regulator when making decisions related to the responsible development of Alberta’s energy resources. Only current approved public policy documents are available on AREPS.

AREPS supports the Integrated Resource Management System. The AREPS tool provides increased transparency and gives Albertans easy access to the documents that shape the success of the province's energy industries. AREPS participants include Alberta Energy Regulator, Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Energy, Indigenous Relations and Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development.

Starting Your Search

The AREPS tool provides three ways to discover documents: a simple title search; a basic search that includes title and sector options; and an advanced search that includes multiple search criteria. If you have questions about specific documents provided from this search, please contact the responsible ministry or agency. If you have any questions about the AREPS system, please contact the IRMS Secretariat.

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