What kinds of documents are available?

  • AREPS provides access to government documents related to the development of upstream oil, gas, oil sands and coal development in Alberta. The portal provides access to legislation, regulations, rules, strategies, plans, directives, information letters, manuals and various other enabling policy instruments that are currently publicly available. Reports that have not been released to the public cannot be found in AREPS.

What is a policy document?

  • Within AREPS, a policy document is anything that guides, informs or instructs decision makers within government. It is what government decides to do and what it decides not to do. Essentially, this definition covers all regulations, legislation, information notes, rules, plans etc.

Where are the documents located?

  • The documents accessed with AREPS are located on the websites of the participating government departments and agencies. This means that users have access to the most current version of the document available.

How do I use AREPS?

  • The form search (basic) looks at the document title and sector and returns the results most relevant to your query. The form search (advanced) looks at the document title, organization, subject, policy type, sector, date published, date effective, project stage and identifier. More than one search criteria can be selected with the advanced search to allow users to narrow down their results.

Who are currently participating in AREPS?

  • There are currently five organizations participating in AREPS. They are Energy, Environment and Parks, Indigenous Relations, Agriculture and Forestry, and the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).