The Alberta Responsible Energy Policy System (AREPS) is a one-stop source for Alberta government documents on upstream oil, gas, oil sands and coal. This easy to use online portal provides access to legislation, regulations, rules, strategies, plans, directives, information letters and manuals used by the Alberta government and the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) when making decisions related to the responsible development of Alberta’s energy resources. This supports resource policy integration across the Alberta government.

AREPS has been created to support the Integrated Resource Management (IRM) System. The IRM System approach includes setting and achieving environmental, economic, and social outcomes Albertans expect from resource development, while maintaining the social license to develop these resources. This policy tool was developed to increase transparency and give Albertans easy access to the documents that are shaping the success of the province's energy industries.

Only formal, approved public policies are available on AREPS. Documents that are no longer applicable or relevant are removed. Future enhancements to AREPS will include geospatial information and mapping capabilities, which will allow users to see what policies are applicable in any given area of the province. AREPS does not house the actual documents, but simply provides service direction.

Currently, participants in AREPS include Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), Department of Energy (DoE), Indigenous Relations (IR), Agriculture and Forestry (AF) and the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). The program may extent to other departments in the future. If you would like to search for more information specific to oil sands project and development, please visit the Oil Sands Information Portal.  

AREPS is the integrated resource management (IRM) system in action. Responsible resource development can occur when we operate as a system and share information openly across that system. AREPS makes sharing the default position and the new way to operate.

Alberta Responsible Energy Policy System